One of the primary verticals, ELINA EDUCATION is a top line priority and a key focus of ELINA CONSULTANTS. We draw pride in where we stand in this sector today, considering the fact that this is just our 4th year since we stepped into this intensely competitive segment of public service. We have tied-up with some of the premier global and national players in corporate education sector and are collaborative partners in different government launched schemes aiming at vocational and skill oriented training programmes across the country.

With our on-ground functional coaching academies and training centers spread across many states, we have put in place state-of-art infrastructure and a modern education delivery mechanism, using satellite mode and hi-tech equipment of international reckoning. Our classroom facilities are of the highest conceivable standards, where the best in the industry in their respective domains of specialization, engage an incredibly promising crop of boys and girls from 9th standard onwards to higher education levels and further.

Our pedagogy and learning system is continually evolving and our education services are not merely a teacher-student download; rather a vibrant dynamic exchange of teaching-learning with excitement and well defined purpose. A student has vast resources at hand and encouraged to spell his/her thoughts unfettered and undiluted. We have created a very candid, frank and informal setup yet guided by the code of highest professional standards & functional discipline. The education at ELINA is an experience never to forget.

As part of our education service ecosystem, we have activated our distance mode course delivery system and joined hands with some reputed and established online service providers in contemporary education setups. You can get a complete insight of our online footprint, where a range of course programmes are operational in various disciplines of study- both professional and technical, besides the coaching modules that we operate in the competitive careers segment.

We are as such, registered and affiliated with various colleges and universities besides top private players and operate with a multitude of online course programmes (diplomas and degrees). Our results and accomplishments are our best and uncontested performance indicators. We value our past as much as we would look forward to our future.