Welcome to ELINA!
Upfront as the CEO, may I begin here by extending my all-out assurance to you Student, Parent and also to all stake holders at ELINA that you have boarded the right platform that will help you transform your professional lives for good and an assured success. This would be a new & fresh beginning to attain all ambitious goals that you have dreamt about and chosen to realize with our guidance & support.

When we take a look back at the past years, we find that it was very comfortable for the students then to choose their career options. However, these days the scenario has completely changed. Mere desire does not work in today’s cut-throat competitive environment. One has to be aware of the latest examination patterns, and has to put efforts in the appropriate direction to pave his/her way to success.

And that is where, ELINA has taken the responsibility upon itself of bringing the best educators under one roof-supported by the best education delivery tools and infrastructure, to impart the Knowledge & confidence that will enable you to make a cut and reach your set goals.

At ELINA, we understood and realized what it takes for a parent to shape the future of their wards. They are ready to invest everything they can and what they need to. Clearly, it is this commitment of the parent and a student’s endless passion to dream big that has driven us to provide you with concrete options of affordable quality coaching right in your city, which was a distant dream in Bathinda just a couple of years back.

ELINA has the unique and distinct advantage of having the best infrastructure in place at its various centers including online virtual classrooms, multimedia learning tools, satellite connectivity and above this all, a team of passionate pool of talented teachers who have a proven track record of success at the highest level.

Besides our course basket is full of added features that you will only know and cherish, once you experience them at our learning ecosystem here at ELINA. Our focus is not just to coach and train an aspiring student; that every other good coaching center may well be doing anyway. But, here at ELINA, we have a target set for every student and that is Employability. We meticulously map a student’s intellectual growth including strengths and weaknesses and provide constant mentoring and support till we fetch them their first job or see them placed at their final destination. Special soft skill & add on short term courses are also on the offing to enhance job probability.

So here we are to serve you with the quality education that every parent would wish to have for his child and every student would love to exploit to maximum advantage. Let us start the journey that will be a witness down your memories of a life lasting experience of shaping your careers as you have dreamt them.


Abhinav Gupta – CEO ( ELINA EDUCATION )