Most ambitious parents share one common dream : that is to secure the future of their wards-And every ward (student) has a goal and that is to realize their parent’s dream and pursue a career with success. Unfortunately quite often, in the present day learning and coaching industry, both the parent and student get exploited despite investing everything they can afford -; Money, Time and Effort.

Coaching academies & training centers remain ignorant from this hard reality and are busy producing ‘exam passing’ students by the ‘factory approach’ that takes away a student’s curiosity, questioning, innovation and feedback ability.

We as a so called literate society are seeing massive crops of simply ‘Filled Minds‘ rather than ‘Formed Minds‘ being produced through exam-oriented rote learning methods. A student, despite clearing class after class, level after level is still back to square one and remains unemployed even after possessing the degrees and diplomas.

The worst looser of this tragedy is strangely the one who has the highest stakes – that is a student. An average Parents invest every penny of their pocket, squeezing their every available resource in a desperate attempt to expose their children to the best education and yet the very system lets them down time and again. Someone had to realize that enough is enough & rise to the rescue of these hapless parents and confused students.

We at ELINA took a firm decision to come out with a solution that restores this lost faith of a student or a parent in the system. We Keep it simple and make it interesting with practical results and measurable success. As a result, over last five years , we’ve moved from a humble tuition center from class 8th onwards to a multi branched specialty coaching academy that provides affordable solutions with competitive results right next door in your own city.

We are combining the traditional with the innovative; we still teach languages, which is becoming increasingly rare, but we also recognize that part of our job is to prepare children to be successful in the world. So our aspirations are higher than getting them to pass a few exams.
There is a lot of innovation going on in our class rooms & coaching courses. We don’t teach in the way we did 20 years ago, it’s not just chalk and talk. There’s more group work, more independent study, more use of IT in research. Often, where we innovate is by giving the students more opportunities to use their own initiative -the most powerful learning experiences are often where they are given a personal challenge.
So, it is clear that for achieving a main goal of professional education, namely getting good placement, it is the knowledge and skills that matter- marks are at best an initial indicator of that. Students with better understanding, knowledge, and skills are the ones who will get the placements they desire.

And that is the underlying driving force behind our Goal at ELINA: Quality Education with Employability & this is what makes us different and gives you the reason to stop worrying about the future of your child.