CEO Message : The rising surge in the number of blindness cases in India is emerging as a major challenge for the healthcare systems in India. To cope up with the higher patient influx, many modern eye care hospitals have started automating their operations. This is substantially cutting down their operational costs, enabling them to deal with high patient numbers efficiently and also reduce their dependence on human resource & manual management. Smart software’s flexible to accommodate varied needs of hospitals for efficient, reliable and quick operations are preferred the most. They cover the entire gambit of patient touch points from entry to a patient getting discharged. These efficient IT solutions are making life easy for all - patients, visors and hospital management as it provides for a win-win solution. It also allows hospitals to adhere to the concept of best practices and in alignment with the NABH accreditation guidelines. To cater to the growing market demand, ELINA Consultancy has come up with one of its own IT and financial management software designed particularly for the tier two and three city eye hospitals and clinics. Cost saving, seamless & hi speed patent management, instant documentation and reports, data security & retrieval, and minimizing human intervention are the key features of this product which is named ‘NETRA’. This robust software is a comprehensive package of solutions taking care of not only your routine patient cycle touch points at reception desk , OPD & IPD, surgical units, labs, pharmacy, Optometrist et al but importantly also manages the full spectrum of your accounting , financial & administrative operations as well. The software empowers you to be among the modern league of smart eye clinics & is in sync with the vital requirements of standardization and modern practices. While it will make your daily functioning effiecnt, fast and reliable, it further goes on to save your precious revenue by cutting down a variety of costs & human resource. To Put simply, ‘netra’ covers the entire spectrum of patient journey and enables a hospital to put in place a smooth management pipeline from a patients entry till a healthy discharge. Our mission is to generate cheerful experiences for patients as well as the hospitals. NERTA is a contribution that has already seen tremendous response from the eye care industry at large. Let you be the next in line to get benefited with this smart product that covers your operations 360 degree. Our field staff will be glad to give you a free work demo to your entire satisfaction. Try it out and we promise to make your business futuristic and profitable.