This service is increasingly picking up over the years owing to India’s significant economic growth. As such, we decided to come up with a dedicated service vertical back in 2010, for what is referred to as Business Development & Growth. Here we handle a large customer base from small time merchants to big established businesses, which are inclined to business expansions and to diversify their existing operations.

Our corresponding teams help you analyze the feasibility of a new product or business idea; evaluate the size of a potential new market, its profitability, and challenges to entering the target market. We then go on to plan and design a business development & market strategy in lieu of the field research and data feedback that we generate through our resources on ground.

Based on this and coupled with your constant inputs about specified targets and business objectives, our strategic planners will devise a complete blue print describing the entire plan and potential scope for your Business Growth. This shall include customized solutions like how to consolidate your client base, explore expansion, connect to other related sectors and open up Channels of Networking, the desired marketing strategy to be adopted and How best to save both capital and resources in order to bring down your costs and increase profitability .

We certify that our service costs will be affordable and market competitive with the assurance that you will have a pleasant and meaningful experience with us. We will let you feel confident & empowered with a sense of renewed zeal with regard to your business, riding high on our services.

  • Business Strategy (Planning & Structure) : Most businesses start small & stay there. They lack a growth Strategy. Finding new ways for your customers to use your products and increase sales needs out-of-box thinking. Our business specific strategy will help you increase market penetration, product expansion, and widen your sales spectrum. Experience this delightful change with us.

  • Marketing (Regular & Online): The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. Most aspects of your business depend on smart marketing. The overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, POS, commercial content, smart social media handles, promotion activities to generate a sales push. Our ‘Convince and Convert techniques’ are quite unique. ELINA marketing teams remain continuously updated with the market demand and are professionally trained to forecast your growth favorably.

  • Networks & Linkages: This entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations. Linking your business to networks & creating synergy for mutual benefits in the latest trend in successful business expansion & growth. Networks and associations play an important role in developing additional business contacts and size. We will help you multiply your client base and link your trade to added buyers & customers.

  • Resources & HR Management: Modern HR can do much more than to enhance and develop your business & with fewer resources. We make your workforce cost effective, generate more utility and manage smart outputs. Cost saving while effective output remains our top focus. That is what we precisely do by automating many of your operations using fewer resources.
We shall understand your business and marketing objectives first, and then go on to develop appropriate planning and management strategy.

Bring your business through the key steps to connect, engage and influence your customers through social media and other online tools like websites, web creative’s, online advertisements.

Devise Marketing solutions that’re tailored to help you achieve your business objectives

Guide you to track and optimize your marketing campaigns continuously.