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ELINA property Consultants: Elina consultants launched its Real Estate services exclusively for the popular (Middle Class) income groups. We provide with smart business inputs, updated and well-researched market information about the property they intend to BUY, SELL or RENT.

Vision: The sole motto of ELINA property consultancy is to provide our clients with the all-important “peace of Mind” and “ value for money.” We keep everything transparent and without any hidden costs. Our business USP is to make buying, selling, renting, leasing or investing in any property hassle-free, easy and profitable for our clients

What we do: Our intelligent property solutions cover buying, selling and renting smartly than any competitor in the real estate market. We have generated a rich database from across all tier I, II and II cities and townships of Punjab to give you the best choices and most competitive prices. Every buck counts, and we value its worth in the best interest of our clients.

How we do: Our bright team of property experts works and research round the clock only to ensure that the expectations and genuine customer satisfaction are achieved with every property that we sell, buy or rent. We take care of your real estate requirements right from the point when you make up your mind to purchase or invest. We remain your trustworthy guiding partners and facilitate your Financing, getting you the trusted broker, narrow down to your preferred choices, then assist you in Negotiations for right prices and till the time you take possession and get your property sold at expected rates. At all these touch points, ELINA property consultants will be your guiding force and trusted adviser.

Contact us: Anytime you plan to buy, sell, rent or manage your property assets, we are just a call away at +91 91151 00800 . We will follow it up with you at every step of the process.

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